My Promise to You

Flags and pieces made from wood are going to be a bit rustic in nature, unless specified before I start building. There may be a few imperfections here and there, but I will send pictures of everything I can see. Emailing me if you have an issues I’d the ideal way if getting ahold of me. I’ll most likely will be able to exchange your item unless it’s a custom gift or you’ve ordered a flag with custom engraving on it.

In the event that your flag is damaged upon delivery or the finish has an issue from shipping please contact us and we will exchange your flag. If it is a custom gift that has been damaged through shipment, I always use UPS.

I will do my best to email back as soon as possible to discuss whatever may come up or you have a problem with. Customer service is a top priority to my and has been since day one!

-Anastasi Mantzouris


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